Types Of Quad Bike

{flickr|100|campaign} Despite the fact that there are many types of quad bikes, they are all used in the same manner and are of the same general design. A quad bike is similar to a traditional motorcycle, except that it has four wheels rather than two. This allows for far greater stability in negotiating muddy or wet roads; this relies on the simple characteristic that makes four wheels more stable than two, they touch the ground at more points over a larger surface area, leading to stability.

Just like on a bike, the quad rider will sit on a seat much like riding a horse, using their hands for their brakes and accelerator levels, along with turning the handles to steer, as opposed to a wheel in a car.

All quads follow this same general rule for functioning; however, there are some other differences between models. Some quad bikes, such as the road legal quad, are suitable for use on public roads, whereas others are only to be used on off road tracks or in private fields. You will find that some bikes are suited to speed racing, whereas others are great for use as utility vehicles, for example in a farming environment.

They vary in size and engine power, with smaller, more lightweight models typically having smaller engines, therefore being more suited for use by younger adults and children.

We can say that quads fall into two major categories, the sports or utility bike. Sports bikes are generally used for fun, with smaller size and quick acceleration, allowing them to be raced quite easily due to their light weight. However the utility vehicle is more suited to tough tracks and therefore is best for farming or general off road use, this owing to their larger size and four wheel drive capability.

As previously mentioned, the quad was originally designed for off road use, and therefore is very well suited to this task. However, as time progressed, people saw the fun that could be had with a quad bike and so developed the Road Legal Quad. This type of quad has to follow strict guidelines for road legality in order to drive on the roads, but once it is road legal, the fun of riding a quad on a public road with the wind in your hair cannot be matched.

As with traditional motorbikes, there are a whole host of engine sizes to consider, and it is recommended that if you are young or a beginner, you start off with the smaller sized engines, progressing as your skill level develops.