Two Simple Steps to Burn Those Tenacious Fat Deposits


The fact that you are reading this article means that you want to lose fat and become healthy like your skinny friends. No matter what you do and which fad diet you follow, the only way to achieve your weight loss goal is by following a healthy diet consisting of protein-rich foods, and exercising regularly. In this article I will explain this in greater detail.

First of all, why you gain weight? You gain weight because your body stores fat inside, and over time, these fat deposits increase steadily, resulting in a fat belly and flabby arms. Now why does your body store fat? Short answer: to produce energy.

As a matter of fact, whenever you eat foods, you consume calories. Calories are converted into energy by your body. However, as a matter of fact, your body doesn’t spend all the calories in energy production; rather, it stores some of the calories as fat, so that it can use this fat for producing fuel just in case there is a shortage of adequate amount of food!

If you would have worked out after eating, your body wouldn’t have been able to deposit this fat; however since you led a sedentary life and preferred to sit on the couch and watching the television rather than take a walk, you grew fatter and fatter, until a time came when the very sight of your fat tummy made you irritable. Now, if you want to get rid of this fat tummy, just follow these two steps:

1. Eat a high-protein diet: The sole purpose of eating a protein-rich diet is to burn calories and lose weight. Here is how it works: protein produces lean muscles, and since lean muscles require extra energy to maintain themselves, your body burns fat in order to produce this extra energy. When that happens, you automatically lose weight.

At the same time, you should also make sure that you stay away from foods that contain simple carbohydrates. Usually, junk foods such as candies, cookies, biscuits, cakes, soft drinks and soda fall in this category.

2. Workout: I hope it is already clear to you that the more lean muscles you produce, the faster you will lose weight and become slim. Just in case you don’t know, workouts are one of the fastest ways to produce those lean muscles. That is not all! If you do ‘specialized workouts’ such as resistance training and cardios, you burn will fat fast! Cardios, when coupled with resistance training, is one deadly combo for achieving quick weight loss!

When you follow the above weight loss strategy, you not only lose weight, but also become healthy, which was after all the primary reason why you wanted to lose weight in the first place!