Two Minute Tip Today “How to Find A Mentor”

Two Minute Tip Today “How to Find A Mentor”

How to Find a Mentor:
Make Sure you Also Watch this Updated Version: How to Find A Mentor by Tube Your Own Horn

In this video I describe a video I watched from one of my Millionaire mentors about “how to Find a Mentor” to build rapport, to earn the right to be mentored. Matthew LoCicero is also one of my very first and still is one of my closest friends, big brother, and Business Mentor.

If you are looking for a Mentor especially to help you as an entrepreneur use Video Marketing to Generate Leads, Subscribers, Prospects and Sales make sure you take a look at this Group that my partners and some famous 6,7, 8 figure earners have created to help you:

The first step is to first learn how to Generate Leads online.
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Make sure you Check out this Video:
“Desmond Soon Shares his story and How he Found Dan Lok as a Mentor in Vancouver”

If you are an aspiring Entrepreneur and you are looking to be mentored, then follow the steps I mention in this Two Minute Tip video.

Finding a Sub-Mentor or a Co-Mentor can also be a bridge to help you get to that larger more famous mentor.
You have to Earn the Right to spend time with a Business or Life mentor.

Anyway, Make sure you watch these Very Important videos by Tracey Walker and Matthew LoCicero

1. How To Find A Mentor: Tracey Walker’s Formula:

2. How Much is a Handshake Worth Matthew LoCicero

3. Connect with one of my Multimillionaire mentors who has earned over 18million dollars online Mr. Dan Lok:
or Look up his webpage:
Check out over 500 videos on his YouTube Channel:

GET TO EVENTS That’s where you Meetup and connect with Real Life Mentors…

4. Make sure you also Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s Video on “How to find a mentor”

Gary Vaynerchuk has always been on my top list of mentors just simply by osmosis. Pay attention to what he is saying about delivering Value first at Minute 2:00

Pay attention to what Steve Harvey has to say about Going After a Mentor especially what he says at 0:45mins into the video

You can also check out Tai Lopez’s How to Find a Mentor Video:…

1. Watch this Motivational Video:
(Les Brown, Eric Thomas)

2. Watch this Motivational Video:…
(Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Greg Plitt)

3. Watch this Motivational Video:…
(EricThomas, LesBrown, WillSmith)

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MENTORS TO LEARN FROM and connect to:

1. Dan Lok. Self-made Multi-Millionaire Serial Entrepreneur.

2. Matthew LoCicero (Aka Bangkok Matthew) This is the man who really saved me and has been a super mentor to me:
Watch This Video: How Much is a Handshake Worth Desmond Soon Interviews Matthew LoCicero In HD

3. Tracey Walker. Self-made Female Millionaire in EN, Super Team Builder:

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