Twitter: Simple To Join And Easy To Use With Its Tools


Twitter is very popular these days. More and more people are joining this site, yet only few people know how to use and take advantage of Twitter tools. It is easy to find advice on how to create an account on Twitter, however, it is not so simple to know how to automate your tweets as well as many other methods to make best use of this social networking site. 


Having mastered these, there are many other Twitter tools available for you that will enable you to easily carry out many different tasks, such as attracting followers with the same interests as you and making sure those you are following are following you in turn. It is possible to achieve this manually by checking the pages of those that should be following you or trying to identify the thumbnails on your page, but it is quicker if a Twitter tool does it for you.


Other tools involve the integration of Twitter with other social networking applications, such as Facebook and YouTube, and methods of reducing the URLs that you publish in your tweets to a more manageable size. It is certainly true that Twitter does this automatically but you have no control over the appearance of the visible URL.


You might wonder why such tools are necessary and why you should even carry these tasks out? If all you use Twitter for is to make and receive tweets and to communicate with your friends and family several times a day, then it is true that you don’t need any tools: you can get by just using Twitter for its main application – making tweets and sending messages withing the 140 characters permitted. Many people use Twitter as a marketing tool, however, and others use it to determine what others are Twittering about, away from their usual circle of followers and friends.


Immediately you join Twitter you will probably send a few test tweets to see how it works. After that you will check out some of the tools that Twitter offer such as lists, trends and retweeting. Once you have mastered these, you will be ready for more advanced Twitter tools such as those above, or even more advanced trend analysis and how to automate your Tweets.


Among these are tools enabling you to automate your tweets, by writing them in advance and programming their publication for specified dates and times. Sometimes Twitter is over-subscribed and you can’t login. By using the appropriate tool you write out your tweet while you are waiting and once Twitter comes back on line have it automatically submitted, thus saving yourself a lot of time.


It is very easy to join Twitter and to get started using it, and if you like what you see, there are a large number of Twitter tools online for you use to simplify specific purposes and tasks. A number of them operate individually while others come in the form of plugins for blogs such as WordPress enabling you achieve integration of Twitter with your blog.


No matter what Twitter tools you choose to use, they will make life easier for you so join Twitter and do what you can to make using it easier and much more enjoyable and satisfying.