Turkey Emerging As The Next European Golf Tourism Destination

.tags According to our report Turkey Tourism Industry Analysis, Turkey is preparing itself to become the next European golf tourism hotspot with major expansion plans. Presently, Turkey has over a dozen 18-hole golf courses in the planning stages, which will transform the country into a preferred golfing destination. Despite the financial crisis, the number of golfers visit to the country had shown an increasing trend during the past few years. Turkeys tourism industry has become the fastest growing tourism destination leaving behind Russia and China. Moreover, it is anticipated that the international tourist arrivals in the country will grow at a CAGR of over 10% during 2011-2014.

Our in depth analysis of the Turkish tourism industry has found that the government support along with various other factors discussed in our report will help drive the growth of the concerned industry. For instance, the Turkish government is planning to invest huge amount in near future to build 22 new marinas in the country. Besides, the government is carrying out various promotional efforts along with heavy investments to project the country as a safe destination for overseas travelers. Additionally, the government has provided various incentives to promote tourism in the country.

We have done comprehensive research on the hotel industry in Turkey, which is the major supporter of tourism sector. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey having the largest number of hotels and other cities include Ankara and Izmir. Moreover, the largest hotel chains are looking for expansion in the Turkish cities by increasing their number of hotels. Further, the report provides details on different type of tourism, such as health tourism, yacht tourism, ecotourism, winter tourism, and cultural tourism.

Our report Turkey Tourism Industry Analysis provides thorough research and rational analysis along with reliable statistics of Turkeys tourism industry. Analysis and statistics regarding international tourist arrivals, tourism receipts, outbound tourist expenditure, and other segments have been thoroughly studied in the report to present a comprehensive view of the tourism industry. It will help clients to have a proper insight of the current and future outlook of the Turkish tourism industry.

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