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.tags Another triple Jiujiang triple trading company submitted his resignation, the resignation of former vice president of vehicle forward and lifting the company’s labor relations, to become the first country after the resignation of the United States entered the triple triple Jiujiang.

Triple Home Appliances West stores near future recruitment of staff, is likely to start in April 30 business competition “51,” consumer electronics market. Triple flagship store premises appliance has been selected, and

Triple Trading Company [7.300.27%] Jinan West store next door.
Recently, triple car forward trading company vice president to resign for the industry to look again toward his former club

Sanlian Group . According to sources, triple group was busy preparing a new triple appliances, triple Trading Company (currently has

States United States Holdings) is a triple Group, former general manager Zhang Yan, the preparation of new appliances for one of the main chain. April 18 triple appliance store will test the world of business purchase, the new “triple appliances” flagship store is likely the West on April 30 opened.

Triple trading company vice president to resign or return to triple Group
Another triple Jiujiang triple trading company submitted his resignation. April 2, triple trading company issued a public notice, the Board approved to move their cars vice president has resigned for personal reasons, all duties and discharge the company’s labor relations. Car forward as the country entered the United States to resign after the first triple Jiujiang.

Information, car forward with triple deep origin, successive triple trading company of Dongying, Weifang, Qingdao branch general manager, in July 2008 as a triple appliances coming out triad trading company founder Zhang Yan, General Manager appointment as deputy general manager of vehicle immediately ahead. February 2009, the country officially entered the United States and triple trading company, Deputy General Manager position will be preserved car forward, causing great concern Sanlian Group.

Analysts believe that the resignation of the vehicle forward, very likely return to Triple Group as the appliance business segments positions.

Preparations for the new home appliance chain For additional “home appliances the store”
Lost triple trading company, the triple Group remains steadfast confidence in big home appliance chain. Recently, the triple group who asked not to reveal the identity of high-level revealed that at present, triple Group is to “triple” Zhang Yan, a founder of the brand as the core, setting up a new home appliance chain. In the name would certainly follow the “triple” message. The source said the brand is in a group, in this part of the registration of new companies would not have barriers.

According to reports, the “new triad” will focus on integration of three parts: First, the original independent of all listed companies outside the home appliance business, all integrated into the “new triad” in; second, re-construction of buildings such as Simon home appliance retail platform; third is the Shandong Provincial Government

Appliances to the countryside Requirements, will Appliances to the countryside
Authorization into the “new triad”, and increase the downward force appliance sales outlets.
Playing the “triple appliance” under the banner again, “recruitment”
Recently, an advertisement officially proclaimed the triple Group added, “the store appliance” determination. Advertisement directly hit a “triple appliance” on the cover. “Triple buy household appliances shop the world” will recruit 10 people manager, operations manager of 10 people, there are other staff members, a total of 130 people. It also said, “will open the triple appliances dress shop in the world share the world through 10 West shopping plaza, is the perfect triple appliances for the needs of market competition, and the security appliance Co., Ltd Jinan powerful combination of strategic cooperation projects. “

Shop assistant general manager of the world share
Miss Lee said, years ago joined the triple appliance business, “Triple appliance stores” will become the new “triple appliances” part.

Flagship store in West store is expected to debut on April 30
“We recruited over three days, and began to retest tomorrow morning.” Miss Li introduced the world triple appliance store purchases will be on April 18 began trial operation.

Share in the triple World Appliance stores began recruiting the occasion of the Group-led triple triple appliance stores also will soon open the West. According to an insider, triple appliance store near the West will start the recruitment of staff, is likely to start in the April 30 business competition “51,” consumer electronics market. Triple flagship store premises appliance has been selected, and trading companies, Jinan West store triple neighbors, currently undergoing renovation.