Travelling to Alicante Takes Advance Planning


Alicante, Spain, is one of Europe’s most popular vacation spots. Here are some ideas for traveling to Alicante.

The most important tip is to plan ahead. Be sure to make reservations for your flight, your accommodations and your car rental early for the best rates and selection, especially if you are vacationing here in summer. Summer is the busiest travel season in Spain.

Most people arrive via the Alicante Airport, which is a major airport offering most amenities that travelers need. If you book your trip through a travel agent, he or she will easily be able to arrange your flight.

You may also book your flight yourself online. Here are some tips to get the best deal: Use travel websites and airline websites to compare prices. Visit many sites as some do not necessarily show the best discounts. Try to book your flights for a Tuesday, a Wednesday or a Thursday, as these are usually the least expensive days. Weekend flights are significantly more expensive.

Once you arrive, you will easily be able to obtain ground transportation. If you are traveling with a family or plan to visit other towns, your best bet would be to rent a car. There are at least 20 car rental companies in the area, so you should be able to get the vehicle you need, large or small, for a reasonable price.

Alicante does have quite a good bus and train system so you should have no trouble moving around inexpensively. Using public transportation is not only less expensive than using a rental car, it also gives you a chance to see the area up close and get to know the people of this great city.

Once you are settled in, you will have no trouble finding fun things to enjoy. The Costa Blanca is known for its beaches. Work on your tan and let your cares drift away like the surf. You will be incredibly relaxed. If you prefer to be more active, there is no end to recreational activities available, from golfing to hiking to biking. There is also great shopping and all sorts of interesting museums and historic sites to visit.

One popular place to visit is the neighboring city of Benidorm, which has a theme park and a water park. Families from all over Europe love to visit both of them.

Dining is an important part of every trip and there is no shortage of good food in Alicante. Whether you just need a little snack or want to indulge in a gourmet feast, there is something here for every palate.

Activity in Alicante does not end when the sun goes down. There are plenty of restaurants, nightclubs and bars to help you dance until dawn. (Don’t worry; you can rest on the beach tomorrow.)

As you can see, Alicante has something for everyone. Why not start planning your trip here today?