Traveller’s Paradise



With every passing phase our plans to visit various destinations change, but there is a place which still resumes No.1 position in everyone’s heart. And that is Switzerland. A dream destination for one and all. It’s an ideal place to discover each other while falling for the panoramic beauty of the Alps. The beautiful landscapes, fills you with the joys and happiness and gives you the zest of motivation.

You are totally filled with awe and surprise visiting the beautiful and worthy places. The drives are breathtaking. The landscapes are perfect to view as if God himself took some time to make this place. The people are also very warm and welcoming. You never feel lonely or out of place. It has some or the other place for everyone. Like if you want some loneliness or some quiet place you can go for trekking on Mount Rigi or you can go to the lake, take a boat ride and also sit besides the banks of the lake. If you are young, you can go for casinos or Mount Titlis for some adventure sports.

Places like Mount Titlis and Mount Rigi when covered with snow show the most serene and picturesque view. Whereas, in summers it is all green, the clouds come down to your side as if becoming companions of you for the moment. One can sit there for hours and absorb the beauty of the nature. And yes! don’t forget to gobble down the Desi food like Pav Bhaji and Vada Pav while coming down from Mount Titlis. It would seem as the best food around.

The lake and even the small villages like Interlaken are more than enough to take your breath away. If you are more into shopping than you can enjoy the pleasure by shopping in branded stores like Cartier, Armani, Gucci etc. There are also various markets (like Coop stores) where you can find stuff totally matching your style and comfort, and at very reasonable prices.

Believing that whatever expenses you incur while planning your trip to Switzerland is totally worth it. You can definitely count on my words.