Traveling with your Pet to Austin Texas


There’s no need to spend a week of your holiday without your beloved pet or have to shill out major bucks to a shelter or kennel to take care of your animal. Instead, it is possible to travel with your pet to Austin, Texas. You just need to know how to structure this trip and how to find great pet friendly hotels, too. The following are some tips for how to travel with your animal so that each of you is comfortable and happy.

Tips on Traveling to Austin with your Pet

First, a person needs to decide how they are traveling to Austin, TX. If a person takes a flight there, then it is important to talk to the airline about pet policies. Some airlines may charge an individual extra to place the animal under their seat whereas others may suggest that an individual purchase a second seat for their animal. If a person plans to drive, it is important to plan enough stops so that the pet can use the bathroom. Talk to a veterinarian, too, to see if the pet needs any anti-anxiety medications and if they have suggestions about how to ensure the animal is comfortable and healthy during this trip. Make sure to bring treats for the animal to snack on, bags to pick up waste, a bed or blankets to make this trip comfortable, and leashes, water, and food.

What to Look for in a Pet-Friendly Hotel

The next piece of travel is to investigate Austin, TX pet friendly accommodations. This means researching which locations accept or allow pets. Some actually even welcome them and have specific services tailored for animals. Some Austin TX pet friendly hotels offer special dog beds and turndown services and may even have doggy daycare options, too.

When looking for Austin TX pet friendly accommodations, one should read the rules and regulations of the space. For example, a non-refundable pet deposit may be requited and there may also be a pet cleaning fee. The right Austin TX pet friendly hotels will make staying with an animal easy and painless. A basic Internet search and asking pet lovers in your community or online will help people generate a list of hotels that welcome individuals traveling with pets.