Traveling Alone: The Good And Bad Sides

.tags Have you thought about the idea of traveling alone? Be it by bus travel, air or water the experience can be an intimidating one. Being on your own during a bus travel would certainly have experiences that could be either good or bad for you.

The Good

No need to look after anyone else during the trip
As a traveler you can choose where you want to go and stay in places at your own convenience.
It offers opportunities to meet new friends amongst fellow passengers.
You make an impression on others that you are an independent person regardless of your sex. People tend to admire a woman who has the guts to travel on her own.
You are likely to be offered assistance in case you need help with your bags. People are more helpful to women passengers in most cases.
You have time to contemplate about life. Long travel makes you plan things and activities.

The Bad

Youre prone to danger. So make safety for yourself a priority. Take care of yourself, be aware and alert of events that happen around you.
It can get to be lonely at times especially if it is your first bus travel alone.
You may meet unscrupulous people or sit next to them. It can happen so it is always good to be prepared to handle this kind of situation.
You may need help in times of inconvenience. Things like carrying your heavy bags, getting sick or anything similar like that can happen. So it surely pays to make sure you are fit to travel and try to travel light as much as possible.


As a solo traveler you can always have easy access to available seats and schedules. You may have to reserve for good seats ahead of time but then chances are you can always get a seat in a bus because you are the only one passenger. You are likely to be a chance passenger most of the time even if you have no reservation.

Travel light. Dont be an attractive tourist victim so dress comfortably and simply. This is one of the best safety measures that you can adapt when traveling alone.

Stay near a group or be within reachable distance where passengers can see you. Dont be a total loner. Join your co-passengers during bus stops. Take the opportunity to have good conversations and share experiences about travel. Traveling alone doesnt mean you have to keep to yourself – you can still mingle with others.

No matter how prepared and how well you have planned this trip there is always the possibility of things not happening as you want them to be. Just be cool and keep your patience. Be positive and think this travel would still be a good and wonderful journey for you. So look forward to the experience.