Travel To Accra And Enjoy Your Vacations

.tags Accra Ghana is amongst the known traditional towns and villages which serve as a tourism resort too. And for the tourists who love to explore the true face of nature the beautiful sights, opulent beaches, and some glorifying landscapes, cheap flights to Accra are many. Abreast, the city is occupied with modern skyscrapers, theme parks, and high ways, dazzling lights, and absorbing commercial activities makes it a modern metropolis too, besides just being a tourism spot.
Accra is the capital city of Ghana, and at the same time is one of the major sources of attraction amongst the African travelers from all over the world who book direct flights to Accra and enjoy spending vacations here. It is known to be a beach destination because it is located along the coast line which is of no need to mention contains highly exotic beaches. And once you book your flights to Accra, the must see things, or amongst those things which you should not miss are;

-Botanical Gardens: Located approx. 30 KM from the main city cheap flights to Accra give you a chance to explore the serene Ghana gardens where its lawns are planted with rich native and international flora and fauna. The covering area is about sixty four hectors and this place is one of the highly visited places in Accra Ghana. The possession of its unique natural serenity and tremendous couth natural environment makes it all the more beautiful and appeasing to think, watch, and to experience.
-The La Pleasure and the Kokrobite beach: These beaches are located approx. twenty five KM away from the main city. And to enjoy the lush sea view upon booking your flights to Accra, do not afford to miss out these beaches as you will love to be here time and time again. The serene environment of these beaches is worldly renowned for which people crave for.
-Makola Market: Upon booking cheap flights to Accra, do not leave the great Accra shopping as one of the exciting ventures to experience here is shopping. The Makola market is the citys busiest market which comprises of the fabric shops.