Travel Tips On How To Get To Colombia

{flickr|100|campaign} Colombia has lush landscapes where you are able to see plentiful mountains, beaches, rivers, natural parks and islands. It is definitely a preferred place for national and foreigner visitors.

The climate is varied some zones have tropical climate, temperature drops according altitude. Dry season is the excellent to travel to Colombia, but there is no troubles travelling in raining season.

Apart from arranging a hotel in Colombia, you are going to need some travel tips about how to get there.


Travelling by air is more quickly and comfortable. Colombia has several international airports in which you are going to arrive. The biggest national airline is Avianca, the internationals ones are: British Airways, American Airlines, Iberia, Varig and much more.

Airports in Colombia:

The leading airport is in Santa F de Bogot that is situated in the centre of the town. There are two terminals El Dorado and el Puente Areo. Round the airport you can find some fascinating hotels in Colombia.

There are also four more important airports:

– Barranquilla: Ernesto Cortissoz Airport (BAQ) is located 7 km aside from the city.

– Cali: Alfonso Bonilla Aragn Airport is located in Palmaseca (CLO) 18 km. aside from the city.

– Cartagena: Rafael Nunez Crespo Airport (CTG) is located at the centre of the city.

– Medelln Jos Maria Cordova Airport is located close to Rio Negro 45 km. apart from the city.


Colombia roads have more than 150.000Km that connect between cities. You can use it for entering or going out of the capital in direction of the rest of departments. The largest highways are north, south, west, llanos orientales and Medellin highways.

Bus Stations in Colombia

Bogot has an perfect bus station; from there numerous buses with national routes and various destinations in South America depart and arrive.

The bus services are organized according the destinations in 5 modules.

Yellow- South of country

Blue- East and West

Red – North and to South America

Green: Interdepartmental taxi servicies

Purple: Passengers arrivals and taxi, buses arrivals too.


It isparticularly preferred to travel by sea. There are various sea transport companies as load ships and passenger ships which offer services to passengers.

Ports:- Colombia has four leading sea ports; three are on the Caribbean Sea; Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Maria and one at the Pacific Ocean (Buenaventura).

Cartagena has the main sea port.