Travel Tips – Flight Over Booked?


When you are thinking of traveling abroad, the only means of transport is the airplane. We look forward to this day of traveling. If you travel less than others, then the joy of traveling is even more than that of your fellow passengers. If you are traveling with family or a person with disabilities or difficulties, or an unwell person, or if you are traveling for the purpose of a wedding or festival or visiting someone special, then make sure you don’t miss your flight. You must get there on time and board the flight with good time to spare.

In some cases, if you are traveling alone or with someone, if your journey is important but getting there at a specific time or date is not so important and the day after will not make any difference, then I have an idea for how to get a free flight and free five-star accommodation.

When you book a flight, especially during a busy time of year or a busy time at your destination, if you have booked your flight well in advance, then your seats are very important. Basically you are holding a winning lottery ticket in your hand. Many airlines have incidents of overbooking. It could be that the connected flight is late and that the flight will arrive after the connecting flight has left. In this case they will need to accommodate the passenger from the late flight. In some cases the flight is booked with extra passengers from the booking office. Sometimes they have a passenger who is willing to pay a lot more than the value of the ticket, or in some cases the airline is looking for volunteers.

When you arrive at the departure airport, go to your airline customer services and ask them if the flight is full. If that is the case, negotiate deal or volunteer drop out award,if they are willing to offer then they will ask you to wait for check in. Just before the check-in counter closes, you will be asked to check in. Either they do not need your seat, or they will ask you to take the next flight to the destination. You will be awarded with another ticket to fly with-in the year. You will also be offered a five star hotel and food vouchers, and in some cases cash too. Every airline has a different policy. Some offer everything, some offer nothing. You have to make your own decision on the day. I am not an expert in this – I am only sharing my experience with you, as I have been offered these sorts of compensations many times in the past.