Travel Systems and the Basics of Selecting One


It is often said the smaller the child, the more things you need to carry. New parents frequently find the amount of baby gear they need to get overwhelming. There are so many items to choose from, but there are at least two items almost every parent needs. One item is the infant car seat, and the other is a stroller. There are many colors, styles, and brands of each of these items, and manufacturers have stepped up to meet new parents needs by packaging these two common items in one unit called the stroller travel system.

There are benefits and disadvantages to be weighed as you would have to consider with any major purchase. When choosing a stroller travel system, it is always a good idea to try the mechanics of the stroller. Is it easy for you to open and close it, or does it require more complicated actions to do so? How does the car seat attach to the stroller? Make sure it feels stable to you since you need to have confidence that your baby will be safe while strolling. Since the car seat will also mount in your vehicle, does it have a stay in car base or just mount into the vehicle via the seat belt? You can avoid surprises or strange quirks in the workings that you may just not like if you try these things out beforehand. Before making your purchase is it a good idea to test these functions.

Once you have determined you like the way the pieces interact, think about the individual components. When contemplating the stroller itself, determine what type of folding mechanism will best suit you. There are many ways for a stroller to fold for storage. Some manufacturers have a one handed storage feature for their strollers. Such features may not be present in other models. The size of the stroller while in use and when folded is yet another attribute to consider. There are strollers which can fit nicely in your trunk with room to spare and there are others which consume all the usable trunk space! Is the stroller light enough for you to lift into your trunk? Does the stroller’s storage area meet your family’s needs? A large underseat basket can be a benefit if you will be out for a long day or on a trip out of town, and a parent tray with a closable storage compartment may be just what you need. Keep these items in mind as well.

Use all the resources you have available to you. You can check the Consumer Reports ratings for the stroller travel systems which have made your short list. There is a wealth of information online in the form of reviews to help guide you as well. Reading about how the product actually works or doesn’t work for people who are just like you is a wonderful way to help you determine the best choice for you to make.

The rewards for your research will be a comfortable safe baby and happy parents!