Travel in Style Courtesy of Equity Release


With the big freeze that battered Britain this month set to become the norm, and road travel becoming nothing less than a nightmare as a result, it may be time to start thinking about upgrading your car to a top of the range 4×4 for improved winter driving and comfort so that getting snowed in doesn’t become a problem.

This is especially important later in life, when it’s harder to get in and out of a smaller car and more desirable to have the added comfort of space, easier access and lighter handling.

The Comfort and Easy Access of a 4×4

According to What Car? Magazine, the Land Rover Discovery 3.0 TDV6 XS is the best 4×4 currently on the market. Priced in the region of £41,000, this 4×4 is not the most expensive option available by any means. Other top models may set you back a bit more, but the extra comfort, security and ease of access that these top of the range vehicles offer makes them much more enjoyable to drive and travel in.

Helping the Family in the Harsh Weather

How has the family got on during this harsh weather? Maybe your grandchildren couldn’t get to school or your children were stranded and unable to get to work? If you could have helped them out in your 4×4, you would have, wouldn’t you?

It’s possibly a tall order, investing in a high value car like one of the top four wheel drives or even a second hand model, but there could be a way if you are a homeowner over 55 who owns their own home.

Courtesy of an equity release plan, a lump sum could be released that could meet the sum needed to buy one of these luxurious vehicles that could make all the difference to winter life. These cash sums come out of the value locked into a home and are tax free.

Equity release may involve a lifetime mortgage or home reversion plan. To understand the features and risks, please ask for a personalised illustration.