Travel In Comfort On A Private Jet Charter

.tags Comfort is not a word that immediately springs to mind when you think of traveling on an airplane. The typical commercial flight is booked to capacity and passengers are crammed into small seats, nearly on top of each other. There is a much better way to travel. In terms of comfort and convenience, there is no substitute for a private jet charter.

Traveling by private jet charter is much less stressful than flying with the big airlines. You don’t need to wait at the airport for hours for a delayed flight and then spend the flight cramped, uncomfortable and frustrated. In fact, the experience on a private plan is exactly the opposite. You can arrive at the airport on time for your flight, skip the long lines and get in the air faster.

During your flight, you will enjoy the comfort of a luxury aircraft. Rather than being cramped in small seats next to talkative strangers, you will be seated in comfort with plenty of room to stretch your legs and enjoy the

The airlines have cut back on amenities and services for their passengers in an attempt to cut costs. If you are given anything at all, it will be a small and unsatisfying snack. The other option on the big airlines is to pay a premium price for a bargain basement meal. On a private jet charter, you have the luxury of a variety of refreshments and beverages that fit your tastes.

The first class service on a private jet charter is better than the service in First Class of your typical airline. The flight crew is focused only on serving your needs and ensuring your comfort throughout your flight. Once you experience the difference in comfort and service, you will never want to fly on a commercial plane again.

When you arrive at your destination, you will be fresh and relaxed and not stressed and tired from sitting in an uncomfortable seat with little leg room. When you are relaxed, you will be more focused for that important business meeting. If you are traveling on vacation, you will arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy your holiday. After all, your vacation should begin when you board the plane.

U.S. Jetways specializes in providing private jet charter services for corporations and individuals interested in a more comfortable, relaxed experience. We assist you in booking a private jet from a reputable carrier that is certified by the FAA and registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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