Travel Guide – Getting Around Geneva


Switzerland has a reputation for efficiency and getting around the city of Geneva lives up to this reputation.

There are numerous forms of public transport as diverse as bus, tram and even boat which can get you anywhere you want to go. However visitors should bear in mind that everything in Switzerland is expensive.

Probably the cheapest option is the bus which costs two Swiss francs for a short journey and three Swiss francs if you want to make a number of changes. A 24 hour past will cost you 10 Swiss francs.

If you want to save money then Geneva is accessible enough that you can see most of it on foot. Strolling around the old town is a particularly rewarding experience and walking gives you more of a chance to enjoy the notable landmarks such as the Quai de General Guisan.

While the old town is quite hilly, the rest of Geneva is pretty flat which makes it ideal for cyclists. A booklet has been put together all the safest routes. It is called the VELO-LOVE. There is even a chance to borrow bicycles for free through Genèveroule, although after the first four hours it costs two Swiss francs per hour. For more information visit the website

Alternatively you can book Car Hire Geneva with some good deals if you are able to give advance warning. Prices are higher during the winter ski season and the summer holidays.

You can get to the suburbs around Geneva using the RER Genève train service. Anywhere within the city is accessible by tram. To travel internationally to France there are fast train TGV connections to the cities of Paris, Montpellier and Marseille which leave from Geneva airport.

Geneva Transport Card

Tourists can look into getting a Geneva transport card which gives you the free travel around the city in a welcome to Geneva gesture. Geneva transport cards are available from hotels and even budget lodgings which allow you to travel wherever you want in this Swiss city on the TPG system. That stands for Transports Publics Genevois. Wherever you check-in, even if it is a campsite, enquire about the free Geneva transport card. The ticket is valid on all trains that go as far as the airport but you must carry your passport or identification in order for it to be valid.

For a unique Geneva experience use your transport card to take the boat across Lake Geneva, services run every 10 minutes.

Geneva Car Hire

Having a car is your only real option if you want to explore the beautiful Alps Mountains which surround Geneva, or to go skiing. There are a number of international providers which have car hire Geneva Airport including Europcar and Alamo rent a car. There are also local providers such as Allo Rent a car SA and Zodiac Autovermietung AG as well as various limo hire companies. Rental cars make a good alternative to taxis which are difficult to find and very expensive. If you want a taxi be sure to prebook.