Travel And Car Hire In Shannon Ireland

Best doughnuts in the world.
From the grocery in Headford, Co Galway. It’s funny the random things you remember. The second we drove past this place, I *knew* that this was the small town with the best doughnuts in Ireland. (I learnt that on my first visit, randomly)
By Viv Lynch on 2009-09-03 07:42:48

Named after the river beside it, Shannon Town in Ireland may not be that lucky in population but the water-loving tourism doesn’t say so.

Known for their fondness in water sports, the eye-catching town of Shannon went through their tough times of achieving a certain number of populations but due to their incomparable attraction to other towns of Ireland, tourism boomed in the little region of Shannon.

You can also explore numerous attractive destinations such as the beautiful Holy cross abbey and striking Ailwee Cave when you stayed in Shannon anytime of the year.

Take a plane going to Ireland arriving in Shannon airport, the second busiest airfield after Dublin, and numerous options of transportation will be open for you once you got there.


Car hire, taxi, buses, and train station awaits you once you took off. The availability of means of transportation is a good basis for foreigners or tourist to visit Shannon.

However, car hire Shannon airport is best for all kinds of tourist may it be low budgeted or the high one.

Either you wanted to see the breathtaking North Tipperary, Ireland’s largest country, or the remarkable river Shannon; renting your own car to drive you off the destination you wanted is already considered advantageous to you.

The attractions of the county are based on their religion and their surrounding. Since the town is beside the Shannon River that is connected to a large sea, the locals saw the attraction of tourist to their water treasures, dolphins.

The town proceeds with the program for dolphin watching in their river. Unlike in other countries, where the animals is either considered food or an object being captured, the locals built a community-Shannon dolphin and wildlife foundation– who will look out at the habitats and preservation of it. Also, they help out tourist have a glimpse of the dolphins.

While dolphins bring energy to the human body, some travelers prefer the quite and serene background. Lakes are known to make people at peace that brings importance to their personal aesthetic, spiritual, and emotional value.

St. Patrick’s Purgatory, a name given by locals based on St. Patrick’s story that is said to have lived on a lake island’s cave. Although travelers visit the lake island most often to pray and meditate, a few of them check the place for beautiful landscape, sailing or fishing.

When hunting and eating is combined to one enjoyment, it sounds like camping, however, the Hunt Museum in Shannon showcased a collection of the Celtic Artifacts in the world and it’s restaurant known to serve “excellent food” with the overlook of two great scenery: Shannon river and Curragour falls.

While you stay at the second nicest holder of countryside in Ireland, car hire Shannon gives you the benefit of enjoying your trip and save more by renting a car. The process is easy and fast but it will be a lot faster if you have reserved a car either online or via telephone.

So the next time you want to explore Ireland and its wonders check Shannon as one of your destination and have a safe trip!