Transformers 2 Characters


The Transformers 2 movie has been released in the UK over the last few weeks and is attracting significant attention. There is much interest in the Transformers 2 characters with introduction of a number of new elements to the Transformers story and some excellent graphics. You will find a list of the main characters below to give you a feel for what you can expect from the new movie.

Sam Witwicky

Sam Witwicky is the youngster who killed Megatron in the last movie and is looking for peace and a normal life in Transformers two. However, the character becomes central to the plot of the new Transformers movie as he begins to have flashbacks and hallucinations about various symbols, making him a target for the Deceptions.

Mikaele Banes

Played by Megan Fox, Mikaele Banes is the girlfriend of Sam Witwicky who takes a job in a motorcycle repair shop in order to fund her future education.

Major William Lennox

Major William Lennox plays a very central role in the new Transformers two movie as he is a great ally of the Autobots and a vital element of the fight against the Deceptions.

Robert Epps

Robert Epps is a colleague of Major William Lennox and yet another vital element in the fight against the Deceptions. Promoted to Chief Master Sergeant the role of Robert Epps has grown as the Transformers series has expanded.

Seymour Simmons

While Seymour Simmons was formerly part of a group who monitor the activity of the Transformers on earth he has now been brought into the fold by Sam to help in the fight to save the world. Even though he effectively retired from his earlier role he jumps at the chance to become more involved in the future.

Ron Witwicky and Judy Witwicky

Sam’s parents Ron Witwicky and Judy Witwicky were oblivious to the activities of their son although now they are well aware of his position and his role. Unfortunately on a trip to Paris they become involved in their own particular battle which is covered in the movie.

Leo Spitz

Leo Spitz is another of Sam’s team whom he roomed with at college and has vast knowledge of so-called conspiracy theories. Leo joins Sam and Mikaela in their journey to Egypt.

These are in effect the main Transformers 2 Characters who will dominate our screens for the weeks and months to come and appear in various PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo games.