Tragedy as America Regresses


Sincerest compliments to President Obama on his talk to the American people and may the entire political vehicle get on track and walk together towards an effective momentum that will propel the economy forward. President Obama can and if the people show him that they can can too then American prosperity will be a given and not a proverbial dance. Americans have the first real statesman walking among them for a very long time and please God may they embrace him as he deserves.

Six years ago the world looked on with shock as America reinstated President Bush for a second term and now this awe has been repeated as America regresses to pre-Obama period of sexism, racism and arrogance. A nation is not measured by its balance sheet alone but by its treatment towards the less fortunate within its borders as all 100% deserve equal opportunity irrespective of the prevailing winds and all deserve the opportunity for work and equality. Republicans seem to continually ignore this theory and for some unknown reason are able to pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate; how tragic.

The republicans caused the current economic woes and four years ago when the Democrats regained control of one house it looked like the republicans were being corrected. Then two years ago when they elected Obama as President it looked like the people were finally dawning on a new age of enlightenment; alas it was short lived. The fear that reigned within the journalism genre during the free reign of unadulterated flatulence of republican dogma looked like it was going to disappear but now it is back. The people have reinstated too many republicans thus regressing and preventing President Obama from effecting the necessary changes that would have propelled the country out of its primitive era.

It would appear that the American people are shaped too much by their fast food enterprises adopting a similar mindset expecting a speedy response to a situation that took years in the making. It is tragic that the American people cannot awaken and give their President an opportunity to redress the economic woes. It is even more tragic that the democrat politicians from the local councils all the way to the houses of government cannot get their acts together working in sequence to assure the people that the country is in competent hands.

It is curious too that regarding the energy policy the US have not embraced the advances in algae technology and production as tests have indicated in research all across the globe. It has been stated unanimously algae production will replicate the oil industry saving jobs and actually boosting employment with new possibilities.

Two years from now the Democrats have to prove their worth without a shadow of a doubt and please God they will succeed and maintain the Obama Presidency and the momentum of positive change. Until America finds it within its mettle to introduce a totally new party focused on the people rather than on the privileged few the see saw pendulum will continue and their world will really not advance like it has the potential to do.

If any country has an opportunity to effect change all over the world with advanced thinking and corresponding behaviours it is America but sadly they fall short of the mark. Just when the world thinks that perhaps the time has come the people revert to primeval practices of injustice and inequality especially towards its female electorate. Oh well two years is not that long to wait for another opportunity that perhaps miracles will prevail.