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Aliens are coming down to Earth on Saturday for a mission to kidnap all the sexy and good looking people. You are going to be safe but I am just mailing you to say goodbye.

Regards, Henry.

When I went for an eye check up to a doctor, I noticed his degree on the wall with his name. I tried to recollect where I’d heard that name before and realized that I had a crush on a guy with the same name way back in high school. He was tall and cute, but when I saw the doctor I was convinced it can’t be the same guy as he was fat and half bald. After my check up I asked him if he attended the City School and he said yes he did. Then I asked him which year he graduated and he said, “1972, but why are you asking me this?” I exclaimed, “You were in my class!” and to that he said, “Oh! Really? Which subject did you teach?”

“Our friendship means a lot to me.
I will cry, when you cry.
I will laugh, when you laugh.
When you jump out of the window, I will laugh again.”

Four catholic men and a catholic woman were sitting in a restaurant.
The first catholic man said to them, “My son is a priest, when he enters a room, everyone addresses him, Father.”
The second catholic man said, “My son is a Bishop. When he enters into a room, people call him, Your Grace.”
The third catholic man said, “My son is a Cardinal. When he walks into a room, everyone says, Your Eminence.”
Then the fourth man stands up to say, “My son is the Pope. When he enters a room, people address him saying, Your Holiness.”
They all expected the catholic woman who was listening to them to say something, so they looked at her.
The catholic woman said, “I have a daughter who is slim, tall and has a great body. When she walks into a room people say, Oh My God!”