Trademark Hotel, Sydney, Australia – Review


Trademark Hotel… One of the classier places in the Cross, and for this reason alone it probably deserves a night out or two. But guys, if you’re planning to get in, be sure that you look great because the Trademark won’t accept your thongs, ripped sneakers, or non-collared shirts. And girls, before you go there, make sure you look hot, hot, hot, because otherwise, there’s a chance that you might just get turned away on a busy night. Needless to say, if you are accepted then rest assured you will be surrounded by beautiful people which can only be a good thing. 

The one thing I would go back to the Trademark for over and over again (if nothing else) are their awesome circular lights. In this sense, the decor is great as it provides that little extra something that other bars and nightclubs don’t have. The chairs also give this location a little something extra, however it becomes hard to find somewhere to sit after 10pm on a busy night. Needless to say the interior reflects the sophistications of the people attending this famed Sydney nightspot. 

And on the note of busy nights: Saturday nights are always busy at Trademark. If you go on the right nights (like I did) you might even find dancers dressed up as angels or in some other costume, prepared to entertain the crowds of clubbers. It’s not necessary, but this entertainment is always a great way to add that extra something to a night out. 

The Trademark is probably not the best place to go for the under 25’s as it tends to attract an older, more sophisticated crowd. Also, if you don’t want to listen to electro and house music all night, it’s probably best to rock up to Hugo’s instead. The dance floor is always packed, but there’s no point in that if you can’t dance to the music they’re playing! If electro and house is your taste though, Trademark is the place for you. 

As usual, drink prices left me broke. However, the cheap entry made up for this: entry on Fridays is free before 11pm if you’re on the guest list, and can be cheap on Saturdays if you arrive at the right time. I had a great night overall, and I can definitely recommend the Trademark. If you’re in the Cross, check it out: if nothing else, getting in to this nightclub on a busy night means that you’re pretty hot.