Tourism Studies ? Getting Ahead Without Hassle


These days, a person needs to do a bit more than just show up for interview in a suit, if he or she wants to get ahead in the job market. Particularly when the interview and the job is in a market as competitive and close as the travel and tourism industry. Jobs are harder to get all over at the moment – which means the days when simply saying you want one would get you one are long gone. Anyone looking to break into the travel and tourism industry needs to find a new way of getting ahead of the curve. The best way they’ll find is by taking a course in tourism studies.


It’s not as academic and frightening as it sounds, thankfully. No course fees, no student loans, no attendance at college or university required. These courses are online, 24/7 – and mostly free or attainable for a very modest fee. Their purpose: to fit candidates for interview and eventual employment in the travel and tourism industry by making them aware of and versed in the basic aspects of their chosen path. Tourism studies lets guys and girls who are looking for a job in hotels, or in the skies, or in event catering or booking, gain a thorough knowledge of the profession they are about to try and get into – before they take the plunge.


The benefits of these courses are immediate and two ways. For example, someone thinks he or she wants a job on the airlines. They have no way of knowing because they’ve never had a job on the airlines before. Now, they can take a tourism studies course run by the airline they want a job with, through a website like Online Travel Training – at which point, they will know whether or not they really want to do it. If they want to do it – great. You would be right on to applications, interviews and employments. If they don’t – they haven’t wasted their time or anyone else’s. That’s great for the candidate – but it is also great for the airline, which can be reasonably sure that it is only getting genuinely interested candidates through at interview. Any candidate, who has completed a tourism studies module in the airline sector and is still interested in interview, is clearly someone worth investing in.


Jobs simply aren’t so easy to get at the moment – and that is making everyone more cautious about hiring. Taking some online modules and courses is a brilliant way to show real willing to an employer – who will then be more prepared to invest time and money in fully training you. If you’re dedicated enough to have taken a few courses off your own back, you have shown initiative and application – the kinds of things that stand out head and shoulders above the rest in interview situations.

Tourism studies could be the first step on a path to a lucrative and rewarding career. Pretty much uniquely in the whole world of employment, they offer employees the chance to feel out that career before taking the plunge – which makes them required reading for anyone with a serious interest in travel and tourism. Get ahead – and get an education that costs very little and gives back a whole world of possibility.