Tourism in India ? Tips For Comfortable Holidays in India

.tags The wonderful land of India is dotted with endless natural and man made attractions. It has become one of the most sought after tourist destinations on the globe. Tourism in India has no end. Each and every facet of India is worth exploring. The changing climate and varied countryside with colorful culture and tradition makes India a tourist friendly country.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions of India are Backwater destinations of Kerala, golden beaches of Goa and Kerala, hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, forts and palaces of Rajasthan, Taj Mahal, charming city of Jaipur, capital of India – Delhi, financial capital of India – Mumbai, wildlife parks across the country, Himalayan regions, natural sights of Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, etc. These places are worth visiting in India to have a great travel experience in India. Taj Mahal is the icon of India tourism and is a must visit monument in India.

Here are some tips to make holidays in India comfortable and safe: • Dressing is a big issue in India. Tourist must pay emphasis on right costume while traveling in India. They should not wear open and vulgar dresses. Prefer putting on full covered dresses like jeans and shirts, Salwar suits, long skirts, pajamas or anything that cover your body completely. At the same time you can face both heat and cold in India at different places. So, carry both summer and winter clothes. • Follow the culture: India has very decent culture. Do not spread vulgarity and nudity openly. Do not create love making scenes like kissing, hugging, smooching, etc on the open place. You may face problem. • It is better to travel in private car instead of public transport. But you should always rent car from registered company. Unregistered car renting companies might put you in trouble. However, if you are in smaller group then you should prefer public transport medium. • Be health conscious: India faces very frequent climate changes with changing location. You may not adapt easily with changing climate. Water plays major role in illness due to changing climate. So, prefer mineral water at normal temperature. Have healthy diet throughout the journey. • Hire guide: You should hire a multi-lingual tourist who can inform you about places in very decent manner. India speaks more than 2000 dialects. Language can be a big hurdle in making tourism in India a great experience.

These are the tips to travel comfortably and safely in the different tourist places of India. Tourists should also carry the documents like passport, identity proof, VISA along the travel to escape unforeseen checking. Many India tourism packages are available in India. Tourists can select the package with interesting destinations. They can also ask the tour operators to tailor special tour package for them combining all popular travel destinations.