Top Vampire Movies of All Times


Vampires have become popular to the movie-goers of all ages. And recently, with the appearance of the handsome vampire, Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Twilight, a novel by Stephenie Meyer, the images of vampires have been enchanting and inspiring filmmakers to create blockbusters


Let’s have a look back at the following best vampire movies of all times and give your own different views of the images of vampires in different movies.


Underworld (2003)
Directed by Len Wiseman, Underwood (2003) is a horror movie about the secret history of vampires and a type of werewolf, Lycans. It is about vampire Selene who finds herself attracted to a human, Michael Corvin being targeted by the Lycans. Selene has to make decision of killing Michael or going against her clan after he is bitten by a Lycan.


Selene (Kate Beckinsale), a vampire is a Death Dealer hunting Lycans.


Queen of the Damned (2002)

Queen of the Damned is a film adaptation of the third novel of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles series, The Queen of the Damned. It is about vampire Lestat who awakens only to find the world’s changes from a decades-long slumber in his coffin. He re-invents himself as the closest thing to a god on Earth: a rock star.


Mother of all Vampires, Akasha has been resting for centuries



Vampires (1998)

Vampires (1998) which was adapted loosely from the novel Vampires by John Steakley was directed by John Carpenter, with the starring of James Woods, Daniel Baldwin, and Sheryl Lee. It is about leader of a Catholic Church-sanctioned team of vampire hunters – Jack Crow who saw his parents killed by vampires. As grown up, he is a fanatic vampire-hunter.


Theatrical poster


Subspecies (1991)
Subspecies (1991), directed by Ted Nicolaou, is about the evil vampire villain Radu’s return to his hometown of Prejnar after years’ exile. Radu becomes attracted to two American schoolgirls working on Romanian culture. He steals the precious blood stone and runs into many troubles.


Subspecies (1991)


Near Dark (1987)
Near Dark, an American vampire horror film, directed by Bigelow, stars the Andrian Pasdar as Caleb Colton and Jenny Wright as in Mae, an attractive young drifter. Just before sunrise, she bites him on the neck then runs off. Mae comes with a group of roaming vampires and takes him away.


Theatrical poster


Fright Night (1985)
Fright Night (1985), an American horror film directed by Tom Holland, stars William Ragsdale, Chris Sarandon, Amanda Bearse, and Jonathan Stark. It is about Charlie Brewster who believes his next door neighbor Jerry Dandridge is a vampire, especially when girls are reported to be killed. However, everybody does not believe his story. He enlists the help of Peter Vincent, the vampire killer from his favorite horror TV show.


Film poster of Fright Night


The Vampire Lovers (1970)
The Vampire Lovers (1970) is a British Hammer horror film directed by Roy Ward Baker. It is based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu novella Carmilla. It is about Marcilla Karnstein who comes back from her death sleep and under a different name, Carmilla or Mircalla. General Von Spielsdorf loses his daughter to Mircalle and swears revenge.


Von Spielsdorf with the help of expert vampire-killer Baron Hartog and the Doctor kill the female vampire.