Top Uk Mba In Singapore

.tags Certifications provided by the UK universities are well-recognized in the universities in Singapore, Hong Kong and other South-East Asian countries. This is primarily because of the historical ties these countries have with the United Kingdom, which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The education system followed by the universities and business school Singapore is broadly similar to the system followed in most of the UK universities and business schools.

Today, an MBA degree is considered to be the passport to a career in the international corporate world. Since recently the demand of world class management education has raised high in Singapore, which is why some of the universities in Singapore are offering courses accredited by top UK MBA schools and universities.Aventis School of Management, one of the most recognized management schools in Singapore, is an Accredited Centre of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. Established in 1911, CIM is the leading professional body for marketing in the world. The institute boasts of more than 55,000 students and members across the globe, quite a big part of which comes from Singapore and other South-East Asian countries.

Both this world class institutions come together to create the perfect MBA training program for the students. Their goal is to educate and inspire individuals as well as institutions to realize their potential with the help of continuous professional development. The partnership program of ASM is lead by internationally renowned professors and industry leaders, who work close with organizations in order to customize trainings according to individual, group or organizational requirement. Aventis School of Management (ASM), the leading business school Singapore works together with Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), UK to create the best possible training courses for their students through practical courses, market leading industry awards and professional services all of which are available to members whenever required.
Starting from digital marketing through to brand management, the accredited UK MBA program of ASM consists of more than 120 courses in marketing, sales and business. Their main intention is to develop the latest skills and thinking power of students no matter whether they are beginners or experienced individuals or organizations. All the qualifications and courses that fall under this program can be tailored to make it more relevant to the trainees.

Thus, Aventis School of Management is doing their bit to bring world class education to students at their doorstep. Their partnerships with renowned and global business schools are helping students to infer the best from two premier MBA course providers. The certificate awarded at the successful completion of their MBA courses, gives them an edge in the global marketplace, enabling them to top the rat race for success. Aventis as one of the leading business school Singapore makes the choice easier for students looking forward to a career in management.