Top Spain Beaches Guide for Your Memorable Travel in Spain


Spain Beaches are the most exciting beaches in the World. Visitors coming to Spain always take the pleasure of the cool sandy beaches here. Spain has a very long coastline stretching upto 5000 miles and the Spain beaches are watered by the three grand water bodies Mediterranean Sea, Bay of Biscay and the huge Atlantic Ocean. Spain has a number of mind blowing beaches but here are some worth mentioning.

Playa De Las Catedrales: It is located in Galicia and is a very nice beach. The outstanding attribute of this beach is its unique shape formed by erosion and rock formation. This Spain Beach is a clean beach with sand all around and Rocky Mountains. It has a peaceful environment and very good for sun bathe, swimming, playing and all kinds of outdoor activities.

San Sebastian: The San Sebastian beach is also one of the good beaches located in the North Western part of Spain. It has clean water always trickling on nearby mountains also. Tourists come and enjoy the awesome scenario of the beach and remember it always. People can swim, bathe and have all the fun here.

Sitges Beach: The Sitges beacheshave 17 beaches in all blended equally with high quality clean water. These are located in Catalonia. Sitges beaches consist of shining clear water which urges the visitor to enjoy the charms of the beach. On a bright sunny day one can come and swim or bathe whole day and take the immense pleasure of Sitges beaches.

Tarifa Beach: Located in Andalusia, Tarifa Beach is the most picturesque beach and has all the scenic beauty to have a look. The breezing waves all around the beach attract the most number of visitors. Resting beds, umbrella shades, eating and drinking facility are all present near the beach. Many of the surfing activities are held here like the kite surfing etc. and people enjoy a lot.

Playa Del Silencio: It is located in Asturias, is said to be the peaceful beach among all. The silent speaking waves breezing along the beach is its unique feature. You can come and swim in the waters of the beach and then relax your body lying down on the resting beds under the umbrella shades having your favorite glass of wine.

Buses and taxis are all time available to drop you on your favorite beach. No one should ever miss the chance of coming to the most exciting beaches of Spain.