Top Museums In New York City

.tags New York City or The Big Apple as you call is worlds hub for cultural and artistic collections. Where there are infinite ways of entertaining oneself in NYC, New York museums are worth a visit! They have unique history and art combined in the most awesome pattern. A tour to New York museums is sure to bring you unimagined joy, wonder and enrich your cultural and historical roots.
To visit New York museums, you need to do some planning beforehand. You need to confirm their visiting hours and the time when tickets are available or simply wait for an open free exhibition.New York Museums hold attraction for all age groups and people from all backgrounds! You just need to decide which NYC museum you are going to hunt down first.
Most Popular New York museums that are all time favorite include the following:
Museum of Arts and Design
This NYC museum is funky with cool collection of design and fantastic temporary exhibits. Its acronym is MAD (quite appropriate!).
Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Museum is unique because it gives you a combination of the old and new world – a taste of modern art with a fragrance of the old but golden art. It has a collection that is diverse from contemporary to Egyptian to Greek! The Brooklyn Museum, is often crowded by celebrities and art gurus and its art shows are a novel experience.
American Museum of Natural History
This is one place full of information on all possible areas of history and all fields of art .It is undoubtedly a heaven for the knowledge hunters! It has a huge collection on Astronomy, numerology, anthropology, geology, gemology, ornithology, entomology and God knows what else!
New York Historical Society
One of the oldest New York museums is the Historical Society. This NYC museum is famous for the grand and attractive art exhibits it hosts! It will also be opening up a Kid museum section soon!
However, all of these New York museums are dust compared to the best NYC museum- The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Metropolitan Museum of Art is in fact the most fabulous and mind blowing museum in the whole world! It has a large land area with fantastic designs and architecture! It has marvelous art collection of various art forms with art galleries and exhibitions that are unique and most awesome!
Other New York museums that are not to be missed are: Stately museum [near Prospect Park houses vast art collection], The Frick Collection [Explore New York’s past and present], Mansion museum stocked with great art, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art, Lower East Side Tenement Museum and American Museum of the Moving Image.