Top Beaches In Argentina


Argentina has over 40 million population with least density around 15/km2. Argentina is a founding member of the United Nations, Mercosur and the Union of South American Nations. Argentina is one of the G-20 major economies.

Argentina has four major regions. It has rich natural diversities like lakes, sea, hills and with full of forest also. It has generally temperate climate from subtropical in north to subpolar in the south. You will get hot, humid summers in north, in contrast southern has warm summers and cold winters with heavy snowfalls.

Summers could be enjoyable with beaches. Argentina’s beaches are found all down the eastern side of the country, along the beautiful Atlantic coast. There is a wide range of beaches, from highly urbanized, 24 hour party resorts, to chic boutique spa retreats and wild, undeveloped stretches of coastline.

Pinamar – It is similar to other sea side communities. It has ocean as attraction point. In winters, Pinamar is like quiet towns but in summers life goes on track. Its long 22km beaches close town of Carilo is great place for relax.

Cariló – Even more voguish than Pinamar, a truly beautiful beach destination like this, with gorgeous cabins hidden away amongst the foliage and a beautifully maintained beach comes at a price and you will be rubbing shoulders with the Argentine elite at this stunning spot.

Necochea – It has 74 km long beautiful stretch sandy beach, is not less than unique. The central area has modernity, with urbanized communities. Its long beach gives exposure to have big fun with no boundary limitation.

Pehuén Có – Located 84 km east of the important port of Bahía Blanca, this part of the Argentine coast is ideal for adventure travellers who are looking for beach and nothing else. Accommodation is sparse as are facilities so come prepared.

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