Top 5 New York City Attractions


If you want to see a place that is as much steeped in history as in scenic beauty and is pulsating with energy during the day and night, you must come to New York City. But, if you’re here on a short visit, then, you need to prioritize and catch hold of the best of New York City attractions.

The Statue of Liberty:

Undoubtedly the best of New York City attractions, this lady in white was France’s gift to the US. The statue is steeped in historical significance. It is believed that the Lady Liberty’s face is modeled after the sculptor Bartholdi’s mother while her body is modeled after a prostitute. Be that as it may, the Lady has gained so much significance that she symbolizes the US. The Statue has a spiked crown, which symbolizes the seven seas. The torch in the uplifted hand symbolizes knowledge while the tablet in the left hand stands for the Declaration of Independence.

The Empire State Building:

Another one of America’s symbolic structures, the Empire State building is visited by more than 2 million people each year. Famous beyond imagination because it has featured in countless movies all over the world, this building is elegant, grand and one of its kind. Besides, it offers a stunning view from the top.

The Rockefeller Center:

This was one of the last sky rises to be built before the Great Depression. After this building was completed, NYC did not have a new sky scraper for almost 2 decades. The Rockefeller center was originally meant to be an Opera center. But with the stock market crash in 1929, the Radio City was born. The Rockefeller Center is famous for its shopping, dining and sightseeing opportunities. This impressive building features the famous Christmas Tree, Top of the Rock observation Deck, ice skating rink and Radio City Music Hall. Since the Center provides guided tours within the building, it is also a great way to spend a day in, if the weather is disagreeable.

Central Park:

Central Park is another one of the top 5 New York City attractions that embodies the American experience. The park itself is huge with approximately 850 acres of land featuring lakes, theatres, ice rinks, tennis courts, baseball fields, playgrounds, zoo, Metropolitan Museum of Art and so on. During the weekends, the park is closed to cars and this offers an idyllic experience within the heart of the city.

The Brooklyn Bridge:

The Brooklyn Bridge stands for all that is American and it has featured in many movies and films. The bridge is as strong as it is beautiful and is rightly considered to be one of the most amazing engineering feats of the 19th Century. The towers and the attached cables personify engineering excellence combined with creativity.