Top 5 John Wayne Westerns

.tags Besides Clint Eastwood, there is no doubt that John Wayne is the most well known actor in American Westerns. After all, he did star in more than 140 movies, and many of those were top selling westerns.
These westerns helped many people to escape their realities and even contemplate their own lives based on the strong messages that each one of his classic westerns delivered. The top 5 John Wayne westerns are just the cream of the crop because you can pick up just about any one of his movies and be astonished.
Rio Bravo
Movies are usually just for entertainment, right? Rio Bravo is actually a film that was made in response to another movie: High Noon. The reasons behind this are political since High Noon was believed to be an attack on the American political thought of McCarthyism. Rio Bravo has many dynamic elements which make it much more than just a western, with Stumpys comedic appeal, Dudes road to recovery and the inspiring musical duets that are seen throughout this classic John Wayne western.
‘True Grit’
This top John Wayne western film was the first to actually acclaim the actor for his outstanding portrayal of Marshall Rooster J. Cogburn. In the film, Wayne is hired to track down a fathers killer which takes the viewer on an unforgettable journey. The casting elements and dialogue help the viewers dissect each characters distinct traits while subtly balancing Marshall and his enemy, Ned Pepper, played by Robert Duvall.
‘The Searchers
The Searchers revolves around the title character, Ethan Edwards played by John Wayne, who is a Civil War veteran. He spends his time looking for his niece who has been captured by the Native Americans. This film takes the viewer on an incredible journey which is thought provoking and truly explores the different facades of society including racism, revenge and even genocide. There were only a handful of films that could generate the power and the intensity that this film could with its underlying themes.
‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’
This shocking western reveals the hidden truth of a senator who became a hero because of killing a notorious outlaw. This is a great revenge film that revolves around law and justice, not gun slinging to achieve ones end. This movie is extremely interesting since it reflects many peoples fears at the time that the world was coming to an end and that justice no longer existed.
‘El Dorado
This is a John Wayne western classic that shows the great difference between good and evil with the dark side of the savage Wild West. Themes of revenge and honor encapsulate the main plot of this John Wayne western. There is an excellent balance between comedy and action which creates the perfect relationship and chemistry between the main characters which makes this movie different from the rest.