Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas On A Budget

{flickr|100|campaign} The holiday season can be one of the most magical times of the year. But every year as I watch another penny, nickel, dollar, or twenty go through my fingers, it gets less and less magical. Christmas gifts for your loved ones are sometimes hard to come by when youre on a strict budget. And just because you have a budget doesnt mean you have to feel like Scrooge, or like youre giving less than desirable gifts. (Massages at esthetic schools aren’t any less relaxing!)
Here is a great list of some inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for those of us who have to be a little more frugal this year:
Christmas Ornaments: Personalized Christmas ornaments are a great idea. They are sentimental, thoughtful and cheap! (The first two attributes cancel out the last.) Dont count these out as a gift idea.
Day Spa Package: Thats right, you read correctly get that special person in your life a gift certificate to a local beauty salon or day spa located in the nearest cosmetology school. Nearby esthetic schools are the perfect place for a day of relaxation, at a fraction of the cost. They have all of the same services, priced much lower than other salons or day spas: manicures, full body massages, you name it. Why spend more when you can get the same luxuries for less.
Music: Nothing says I care like a mixed CD Luckily there are even better ways to express that sentiment these days. If the lucky person youre buying for has an MP3 player of any kind, why not let them choose their own tunes? Give them an iTunes gift card (available in $ 5 denominations) and let them make their very own mixed CD.
Picture Collage: For less than $ 20, you can pick up a picture frame, print off 6-8 pictures of good times in the past (black and white look just as snazzy) and make a lasting impression on a friend or relative. For an extra special touch, buy a metallic pen and write some special captions by the photos. And, voila! A truly thoughtful, wonderful gift.
Baking: Homemade baking is one of the single yummiest gifts ever! Baking tins are usually available at dollar stores or big lot stores. Just make some delectable, digestible goodies; pack em up and youre ready for Christmas!
There you have it: five perfectly thoughtful, wonderful, joyful and, ahem, inexpensive, Christmas gift ideas. Remember: Christmas doesnt have to break the bank!