Top 5 Austin Attractions In Autumn

.tags Believe it or not, some areas of Texas do have seasons beyond hot and cold. When fall comes around in Austin, where do you go to take advantage of that brief, perfect weather? As the capital city of Texas, Austin has a lot going on all the time. Specifically for the autumnal season, whether youre a native or a visitor, here are the top 5 activities you wont want to miss.

5. The Barton Creek Greenbelt. At 7.9 miles long, ranging across 809 acres, the Greenbelt has something for every nature-lover. This long trail invites hikers, joggers, bikers and dog-walkers (with a leash) alike. Even if you just want a long meandering, the Greenbelts perfect. With rocky cliffs, waterfalls and creeks and beautiful greenery, its an ideal break from the expansive Texas desert surrounding the Austin area.

4. Texas Hill Country Wineries. Exploring the Texas Hill Country has never been so flavorful. Although the wineries are generally open for visitors, scheduled tours are available for tastings, wine and food pairings and lectures. They also frequently host arts and crafts, bands and general entertainment. The fall colors make the wine meanderings particularly enjoyable.

3. Hill Country Music. Surrounding the hub of Austin, the Live Music Capital of the World, the Hill Country gives a different musical taste in the form of rustic folk tunes. Barbecue in the Hill Country has a beautifully robust flavor; not to be outdone by the wine, consider having a hearty lunch before going out for your wine tasting.

2. Austin Film Festival. Starting in 1994 and running every October since, the Austin Film Festival brings together an incredible array of up-and-coming and spotlight filmmakers. One week of panels, films and rich networking opportunities gives Austin film enthusiasts a wonderful time.

1. Austin City Limits. Second only to South by Southwest (SXSW) in popularity, Austin City Limits (ACL) gathers incredible musicians of almost every genre in venues all over Austin. ACL concentrates all the music into a tight 3-day event with bands playing from the morning till the wee hours of the next morning.

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