Top 5 Attractions In Poland

.tags Since the fall of communism, jobs in Poland have drawn people from around the world. Many people find themselves drawn to this land due to some of the attractions that also draw travelers from around the world. Krakow is a good place to start any visit to Poland. Krakow was the medieval capital of Poland until the end of the 17th century. This city escaped much of the bombing during World War II. Its medieval architecture continues to draw people to its unique beauty. Some of this citys attractions include Wawel Castle, Old Town, Planty Park, and the Sukiennice, a market square dating back to at least the 14th century.

Those that come looking for jobs in Poland often enjoy the Masuria Lake District as well. This part of Poland boasts over 1000 lakes. It is a popular destination for people inside the country as well as foreign visitors. It has thick forests that harkens back to the earlier days of Europe. Visitors often find themselves visiting the beautiful churches, castles, and palaces that dot the region. For those that want to experience history of a more modern time, Hitlers wartime headquarters sit in this region as well.

Poland is also home to one of the darker parts of World War II history. Many people find they want to visit the most infamous camp known around the world as Auschwitz. It is located outside the town of Oswiecim. The name Auschwitz is the Germanized version of this towns name. The town is a thriving center of trade and industry today. However, most people come to visit the infamous camp and the nearby Auschwitz Jewish Centre. There is much else to see in this region. For those hunting for jobs in Poland, this is something they need to visit.

The modern capital of Warsaw is another Poland attraction you should not miss. A mixture of Communist architecture and emerging 21st century buildings, this city is alive and bustling with commerce and business today. It provides a modern taste of Polish culture. You can see the Old Town, the Royal Route, the Chopin museum, and visit palaces around the city. A final destination to consider is the seaside city of Gdansk. It boasts 1000 years of history in its architecture and culture. Tourists visit the Old Town and beautiful beaches. All of these places make finding jobs in Poland a bit easier to fathom. You can experience deep history and a vibrant modern life in modern Poland.