Top 10 Super Bowl ads 2010


Nothing can make a product of company more popular than advertisement. However, a 30-second advertisement may or may not help the company. In spite of potential risks, there’s still plenty of money that is invested for Super Bowl commercials. Most ads are involved with animals, potty humor, celebrities, sentimentality, a stupid catchphrase or some combination of the above. Will this year’s advertisements be more creative and better than last years? Below are the 10 best Super Bowl ads this year. Let’s watch and give your own opinions.


10. Audi – Green police


9. Google – French love story

8. – The Griswolds


7. Kia – Toys fantasy

6. Bud Light – Stranded on an island

5. FloTV – Spineless man


4. TruTV – Punxatawney Polamalu

3. Hyundai – Brett Favre

2. Coca Cola – The Simpsons


1. Snickers – Betty White




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