Tools for Ad Sense


These tools are provided by Ad Sense service to get more traffic and better results through out the internet world for your website. You can investigate about the location and keywords which can provide you best results for your products and so you can make high profits.

One of the best tools for advertisers which allow understanding about such links which are giving you a great number of clicks, so this tool is called Ad Sense Gold

This program is helpful about the clicks on your pages and tracking views statistics. It also gives you lot of information that which referrer every user came in through and use your pages.

There is another Ad Sense monitoring tool is Syn Sense which is free

This sits in the tray and provides actualized Ad Sense services that you hover you mouse over its icon. This is a best tool for those advertisers who want to be informed about all activities performed on their website.

Google provides you all information about any activity in csv format files. Some advertisers have made their programs to automatically download this information from them. The name of this great tool is CSV Ad Stats

It has many features which provide lot of information in different styles like charts, statistics reports and other formats. Generally it is in French but you can change language very easy.

In fact these tools can provide data often as 15 minutes but the authors are well aware of that fact and these tools cannot get you in trouble with Google about your advertisement.

If you are browsing contents of any website and using Firefox internet browser, you can short your searching. There is an extension for this program to view it in your status bar to use quickly.

As we said above, this software aware of Google’s 15 minutes rule and enforce its usage, so it takes minimum 15 minutes to make updates. The Google Ad Sense Notifier

Another program is called Golden Keywords that provides you best keywords for promoting your website on the internet. It is very easy to use and very efficient. This comes with a small pricing, it cost is only $ 49.95 and can be obtained from:

As you have seen, software designers are making possibilities for your advertising plans and are helping you to maximize your Ad Sense future returns. Before using these tools, one thing must keep in mind that Google has also some features of its own as well.

It also helpful to select the most popular ads which can raise your rate of earnings in the internet. This program offers some reports which are albeit a bit more limited and using the channels features also.

Keep eyes on the new software and select your desired software which can give you more positive results for your Ad Sense programs.

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