Toledo Tourist Guide What to Do in Toledo


Toledo was once the capital city of Spain. It is an ancient city consisting of many fortresses and beautiful gates everywhere. You can easily go from Madrid on a day trip to Toledo.The best time to go to this city would be Easter (Semana Santa) which lasts almost a week in Spain. Also, the patron Saint day of Toledo is on 15th August – Virgen del Sagrario.

Some of the things you can do in Toledo:

You can purchase a sword there, as Toledo is famous for its steel and it would be really a good souvenir of Spain to take home with you.You can experience three the old religions of Toledo: Christianity at the cathedral, Jewish and Islam.You should pay a visit to the Iglesia de Santo Tomé. A famous masterpiece of El Greco is kept there – El Entierro del Conde de Orgaz. There is more art work of the same artist at other places in the city.The distance between Madrid and Toledo is 74 kilometers.  It takes about an hour to get there by car. Traveling by train will cost you approximately 9 Euros and will take about half an hour. The bus departs every hour and costs about 5 Euros. For this amount, you can go on an expert guided tour in an air-conditioned bus.

Andalusia is also near Toledo

Easy Car has its services in Toledo if you want to hire a car.From the bus or the train station you can go by foot to the city walls by the Puerta Nueva de Bisagra. Nearby you can visit the Plaza Zocodover, but due to the meandering streets you should take a map along with you.From there, you can find the costliest cup of coffee in Europe in a cafeteria. But if you really want to have a coffee there then you should check the prices that are displayed on the wall before you order.

It is better to take a seat inside as it is comparatively less expensive than outside. You can see an archway to the left from there where you can see a statue of Miguel de Cervantes. Cervantes is the author who wrote the famous book, Don Quixote.To the south of Zocodover, you can see the Alcazar. After taking a left turn you will reach the important cathedral. A short distance further to the left you can go to the Jewish Quarter. The Iglesia de Santo Tomé is at a near distance as well.On the way back, you can visit the Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz.