Tips to Writing a Blog That Peaks Interest


When you think of your blog, do you begin to dose off? Well, if you’re dosing off, what do you think your readers (or should I say lack of readers) are doing? Don’t waste your time posting boring information to your blog that no one will read.

Here are 5 tips for injecting some excitement in your blog, increasing readership, and encouraging participation among prospects on your blog:

1. Create a blog editorial calendar: Adding some diversity to your blog posts not only enhances SEO, but it also adds zest to your blog. In order to ensure that your posts aren’t repetitive or redundant, create an editorial calendar for the month. This allows you to easily visualize your blog topics for the entire month and eliminate any repeat topics. It also helps you to think outside of the box and dig through your mind for more creative topics.

2. Keep it fresh: Take 10 – 15 minutes out of your blogging schedule to add new and fresh content to your sidebar. Whether you’re changing up widgets, social media icons, the blogroll, or layout of your sidebar, keeping it fresh will engage blog visitors more than a static sidebar that rarely changes.

And also, if you have an upcoming event or webinar you’re hosting or you want to receive more ezine or newsletter subscriptions, adding a new widget to your sidebar on a weekly or biweekly basis encourages prospects to register for an event or subscribe to your newsletter. It also works to keep readers curious and helps to build your list and pull prospects into your sales funnel.

3. Add multimedia: Pictures, screengrabs, slideshows, videos, and audio are all great ways to connect with the various learning styles of your blog readers. Some readers might prefer to watch a video as opposed to reading words on a screen, while other individuals might find more joy in viewing pictures or slideshows. Adding multimedia also adds an engaging and dynamic element to your posts, which in turn, creates more interest from your readers and adds to post diversity.

4. Be personable: Readers don’t want to be brought back to the days of high school where textbook reading was a form of torture. If your blog reads like a textbook, it’s time to add some flair and excitement to the content. One of the most powerful and easiest ways to do this is to take off your superprofessional business hat and project your personality through your writing. Personable and passionate writing is much more enticing than stale textbook writing.

5. Encourage participation: Whether you are hosting a contest or a giveaway, getting your readers involved is a great way to add an exciting element to your blog and increase readership. In fact, according to a recent article on eMarketer online, ad server Unicast performed a study involving female Internet users. In this study, Unicast found that 31% of female Internet users are likely to find interest in an online item that “allows you to create and submit an entry for a chance to win a prize.”

Take this opportunity to add some excitement and interaction on your blog by hosting a contest or giveaway.


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