Tips To Successfully Dye Your Own Hair

{flickr|100|campaign} There are many reasons we choose to colour our hair. Perhaps we want to hide those wispy strands of gray and white hairs that seem to appear overnight. Maybe we just want to freshen up our appearance by going a little lighter or a little darker. Others wish for a dramatic change by completely altering the colour of their hair from brown to blonde or maybe blond to red.

Whatever your reason for tinting your hair, rest assured, you can do it yourself from home.

Salons can be quite expensive and there’s really no guarantee you’ll get the colour you will like anyway. Experimenting at home gives you a little more freedom to adjust the timing to make your colour lighter or darker. There are a few simple steps when it comes to dying your own hair that will help you achieve success.

Step one: Read the instructions before you start! Some hair dyes require dry hair, others will work on damp hair. So it’s best to read all the instructions all the way through before you start. Gather up required combs, towels or other tools you will need before you start.

Step two: Perform the patch test and/or strand test. A patch test is usually recommended to make sure your skin and scalp won’t have a bad reaction to the ingredients in the dye. A strand test usually requires cutting a small piece of your hair and tinting it to determine how well it takes to the hair colouring. This helps figure out how long you will have to leave the colour solution on your hair to get the desired results. It also saves you a lot of aggrevation if the colour of the strand test turns out to be unflattering for you.

Step three: Cover your hair completely! This is likely the toughest part of dying your hair, because it takes some diligence and patience to make certain each strand is covered. Start at the front and work to the back, covering each strand from root to tip. You may wish to use a wide toothed comb to make sure you have complete coverage.

Step four: Rinse until clear. A common mistake when it comes to dying your own hair is not enough rinsing. You should rinse your hair under running water until the water runs clear to be sure there are no traces of dye remaining. When you are done, blot your hair with a towel; if you notice any colour showing on the towel, you need to rinse again.

Dying your hair at home can be a lot of fun and makes for a great girl’s night activity. Just remember to follow the above steps for home tinting perfection every time.