Tips On Starting Your Own Internet Marketing Business


Starting your own Internet marketing business is so exciting. But it can also be over whelming with everything to learn and everything to do. Most people get into Internet marketing thinking it’s a quick buck. Not true. Like with any other business you need to start with some money. This is also going to take some time to build your Internet business so don’t get discourage.

When starting your business the first thing you need is a website. There are different ways to handle this. You could hire someone to build your website for you. You can always just do it yourself. Or you can get into a program that will build and host your website for you.

You will need to attract traffic to your website with some strategies. I wrote down a few strategies of my own for you. Try different ones and see which ones work the best for you.

The best way I believe to generate traffic is by writing articles. You want to write interesting articles that you think would interest people. Do some research on the topic that you are writing before you start. Be informative and don’t try to sell your product or services. In your article or your bio box you can list a link to go back to your website.

Not only getting back links from your articles, but you can exchange back link from relevant sites. This will take some time to become popular on search engines but well worth it. Do research and find the link exchange program that will work best for you.

Another good way to drive traffic your way is for your business to have a newsletter. When someone subscribes to your newsletter, you already know they are interested in your business. Newsletter can include what’s going on in your business as well as fun facts.

A good way to stay connected with your clients is to have a Facebook or a Myspace account. You don’t want to use this as a way to sell, but more as a way to commutate with other people. You want to respond to peoples post and post some good information. Spend a little time on this account so you can gain peoples trust and respect.


James Hickey

Master Business Consultant