Tips For Google AdWords


Here are some tips that you should read if you plan to use Google AdWords for advertising. It is an undeniable fact that Google played a major role in the web today and Google AdWords has bring in billions of dollars to Google each year. Still, with that immensity, not all advertisers have profited with Google AdWords.

In order to make sure that you succeed with Google AdWords, it is not necessary to place your bid on the top keywords, which are usually the most expensive ones. Some research is essential to make sure that the keywords you use fit your website and niche. This is to make sure that your ads appear on the appropriate searches. Here, you might find a couple of AdWords tips useful.

Use Your Keywords

It’s a no brainer; always include your keywords on your Google AdWords ads. An average person glance through their Google search results very quickly, so you must place in your keywords strategically to grab their attention. Otherwise, your ad will be missed and lose a chance for sale. Of course, you ad must also be appealing, compelling and make total sense. This may be difficult because there is a limited space for the ad, but an excellent advertiser can create great ads even with such little word space. Make sure that you include your keywords because if you don’t, you’re simply wasting money, time and effort.

Making Use of Bidding Strategies – High to Low Bidding

Here’s a trivia: Google ranks your ads through two categories, your bidding price and the number of clicks or Click-Through-Rate (CTR). When your ad is displayed and being click on, the total count is called the CTR. Having a new account, you will have a lower quality score, which is normal. Thus, in order for you ads to show, you need to bid a litter higher than usual. Most newbies bid high to get that initial exposure. This gets you better CTRs, and then you can slowly lower your bidding price. You have to work within your budget and try to keep your ads within the first page without busting it.

Tips on Bidding Strategy: Low To High

This is another bidding strategy, complete opposite of the previous bidding strategy. This is mostly used with keywords that are less competitive or if your budget are limited. You start off by placing a low bid price and then slowly increasing that price until you reach the first page. Still, it is important to work within your budget, keep your ads on the first page while bidding as low as possible.

Make Use of Negative Keywords

The use of negative keywords prevents your ads from appearing in search results that are totally unrelated. As an online advertiser, you have a specific target audience and you want your ads to appear in front of them. Sometimes, by not using the negative keywords, your ad can appear in an unrelated search term and in front of the wrong audiences. For instant, when you are selling a dog collar and you are using “collar” as your keyword. When a searcher type in the word “collar” into the search engine, he may not be looking for dog collar. It’s possible he’s just looking for collar for his cat. This is where you used the negative keywords, add “cat” into the list and your ad would not appear. It’s better to use the negative keyword especially you want to reduce unwanted ad exposure. This will increase your CTRs and give your website more relevant visitors.

Ad Testing

Testing your ads is important,you can do this easily with Google AdWords. In fact, you don’t have to do anything with Google AdWords at all when it comes to testing. By placing in two different ads in each AdGroup, Google AdWords then alternately displays the ads in search results. After a specific time frame, you will get results on which ad gets a higher CTR. With the result, you can choose which ad to remove and which ad to use. If you have plenty of ads, you can continue the testing process until you find out which ad works best.

Being the biggest search engine in the entire world, Google has millions of ads placed everyday. The key is to know what works and what’s not in Google. Follow these tips and continue to improve your knowledge Google AdWords.