Tips for effective speeches



Speeches must be conveyed gratitude, honor, competence, and humility in order to be effective and memorable.

–  Keep it short and simple. Thank the people who presented the award and if time permits, a FEW others who helped you to make it. Smile and be seated or leave the stage.

–  Be humble. One of the enhanced speeches I have heard was when Ron Howard won an academy award for best director for “A Beautiful Mind.” He said he frequently dreamed about receiving the award and what he would say, but now that he was at that moment, he felt very humble. Remember to thank your important other. Nothing seems to stir up more gossip than forgetting to thank your husband/partner /wife. If suitable, acknowledge those who went before you. Eminem once accepted a Grammy and fast read a list of rappers who influenced him. It was a stylish move. Share some of the happiness that you are feeling. You don’t have to take pride.

–  Remember to thank people who helped and supports you on your way to winning the award. It’ll make them happy, and taking the attention off yourself for a thank you will actually make you look even better in your big moment.

–  It is more important to be humble, but not too humble. If you appear too humble, people will recognize this as fake and think you have a big ego and may not really deserve the award.

–  While prepared comments are nice, they generally are not something that people remember or find moving. Think about what you want to say ahead of time and even perform, but avoid note cards if possible.

–  Thank others not through a litany of names, but decide one or two influential people who helped you succeed in getting the award and tell a short story about how they helped. If it’s humorous, that’s even improved.

–  As you are speaking keep a sense of the viewers, are they captivated or are they loosing interest? If they appear to be falling asleep, then try to wrap up fast. There is nothing poor than being classified as ‘just another boring acceptance speech.

Award acceptance speeches can be tough, but you’ve already won the award – the speech is the easy part. Happy speaking!