Tips For Choosing a Theme For Your Blog


Before choosing a theme, for your blog you should put into consideration the following:

•Colors and Font Size
•Theme Size

1. Content of the Blog

I know you must have heard about the phrase “content is the king”. Whatever your blog is about, content is at the heart of it. It is because of content that people are visiting your blog they need information something unique they are looking for unless you are able to serve them with the content then they will keep coming back otherwise they will stop coming While choosing your theme, please keep a sharp watch on the subject of your content and whether the theme represents all the content that you want to show. Some themes can show static pages, while some can’t. When you want to tell something that does not fall under a specific blog category, for example, about you or about your works and projects, that content is considered as static content. Content of this type is represented in separate pages. So when you plan to display static pages, your theme must be capable of showing them. Otherwise, you will add pages through the WordPress administration panel and they will not even be displayed..

2. Audience

Although there is no strict rule for choosing themes but if you look around, you may see that the appearance of a theme should match with the age of your audience, their mood, and their style. You should choose theme based on the audience you are writing Use your intelligence while choosing a theme according to the audience.

3. Colors and Fonts

Colors are also a very important thing when you consider the mood of your audience, and of course they are also relevant to the content of your blog. Be very careful while mixing up different colors, especially for typeface. A very good color for the font may look very odd if the background color doesn’t match with it. The colors that you choose for your blog will also determine the readability of your content. Font is another issue to consider while choosing themes. Some fancy themes may use a lot of font faces in a theme, but that really degrades the user experience. Whether it’s your own theme or a third-party one, try to use the minimum number of fonts. As far as possible, stay with only one font.

4. Theme Size

Many of these themes use graphical content. Some of them style their appearance using just CSS, some use both CSS and Images. If you look around some very popular themes like you will notice that they do the styling entirely using CSS; so they are small in size. Connection, another popular theme, uses a banner that is also very small in size. So you must make sure that your theme is small in size, and easy to load for users having slow Internet connections. However, the fact is that you are not writing a blog for yourself. There will be readers from around the world where high-speed Internet connection is too costly and they depend on dial-up or slow connections. So if your blog takes minutes after minutes to load, the chance is that the viewer will not feel comfortable and will be unlikely to come back to read it. Choose a theme that is decent, easy to navigate, easy to load, and most importantly comfortable to read.