Tinnitus Middle Ear Infection – Learn 3 Causes Of Chronic Tinnitus

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Unlike what most people think tinnitus is not a disease, as a matter of fact, it’s nothing more than a symptom lead by some other “condition”. This “condition” is the cause of tinnitus.

There are many conditions that can lead to tinnitus, therefore, there are many causes. Today, you will learn 5 causes of chronic tinnitus.

First Cause of Tinnitus- Inner Ear Problems

This is the most common cause of tinnitus. Inner ear problems can be separated into 2 categories: The inner ear infections or the inner ear damages.

Inner ear infections are basically any infection inside the ear (ex. Middle ear infection)

Inner ear damages are any kind of damage to your auditory system, for example, Cochlear damage which is linked to exposure to loud noises, inner ear infections or head injuries. Tinnitus Middle Ear Infection

Ever been to a loud concert or maybe a NASCAR race? If you have, and you didn’t use protection, then you’re asking for it. Keep it up and eventually you will leave with this ringing inside your ears also known as tinnitus.

Second Cause of Tinnitus- Wax Blocking Your Ear

That’s right good old wax! Sorry about that got a little bit over excited about wax…anyways this is actually both a very common cause of tinnitus, as well as a common cause of no hygiene what so ever.

Actually that last bit about the hygiene is a joke. In fact, most of the people that have tinnitus from ear wax are actually those who use cottons swabs.

The reason behind this is that a lot of people don’t know how to use these so what they do is instead of “pulling” the wax out, they push the wax inside the ear which in turn results in many kinds of problems that can lead to tinnitus such as: ear infections, hearing loss, ear drum damage, cochlear damage amongst a few more.

Third Cause of Tinnitus- Diseases Such as the Meniere’s Disease

Like I said tinnitus is a symptom, therefore, it can be the symptom of a disease. Tinnitus has been proven to be a symptom to some diseases, the most common one being the Meniere’s disease.

This cause of tinnitus is not as common as the mentioned before but it does indeed happen. Tinnitus Middle Ear Infection