Time, Travel and Territory Management – The Key to Field Sales Success


Comedian, Woody Allen observed, “Eighty percent of life is just showing up.” It’s the same with territory sales.

A salesperson’s good looks, charm, knowledge and selling skills mean nothing if he or she can’t figure out how to “show up.” That is, get enough face time with the right customers and prospects, AND at the right moments.

To get the face time he needs for success, he must have great Time, Travel, and Territory Management skills (T/T/T). A just-average sales personality with good T/T/T skills will STILL put money on the bottom line. A great sales personality with poor T/T/T will STILL fail.

But let’s go back. A successful territory Salesperson stands on a 4-legged stool. The 4 legs are:

Knowledge of what he offers, and how it fits customer needs.
Knowledge of the competitors he sells against, their offerings, and where they fit in the overall marketplace.
Skills in handling personal relationships and negotiations.
Time/Travel/Territory (T/T/T) Management skills.

Company training covers what he and the competition offer. Expensive seminars teach relationships and negotiation. But the salesperson is generally has to figure out T/T/T management on his own. And most struggle with this key part of the job.

Again, All the company training and seminars in the world mean nothing if the salesperson does not “show up.”

Specifically, he MUST:

Call on the Right customers and prospects.
Call on Sufficient numbersof these customers and prospects.
Make More contactswith each of these customers and prospects.
Make these contacts At the right moments.
AND do all this In less time, and with fewer milestravelled than “the other guy.”

Thus, T/T/T management must NEVER be left to chance. It must ALWAYS be part of sales training.

Future articles will offer tricks and techniques for organizing and managing a sales territory to get more done in less time, and with fewer miles travelled. In the meantime, if you have questions, please give me a call at 262-627-0519.