Thunderbird Twinspark From Royal Enfield – The Ultimate Indian Cruiser Bike


The Thunderbird Twinspark, famously known as the TBTS, from the Royal Enfield stable replaced the old model last year. With the new bike, the manufacturer has aimed at offering an improved product and they have definitely succeeded in achieving their objective.

The new Thunderbird’s soft saddle, chopper style bars and comfortable ergonomics complementing its increased power makes one want to ride the bike endlessly.

It manages to keep up with faster bikes and negotiate steep inclines in higher gears. The vibrations on the 2008 Thunderbird have reduced and the new UCE (Unit Construction Engine) feels a touch more refined than its previous form.

While talking about performance, the acceleration on the new bike is worth mentioning. It now touches the sixty mark two seconds quicker than the older Thunderbird that had a single spark plug. To add to the quicker acceleration, the TBTS also manages to hit a true top speed of u The credit for the bike’s improved performance goes to the new UCE.

This engine complies with the Euro III norms and is more compact than the earlier one. There have been a lot of changes to the heart of the new Thunderbird including a new Trichoidal high flow pump, hydraulic tappets, an automatic primary chain tensioner, an improved clutch mechanism and most importantly, a twin-spark plug setup.

While Royal Enfield manage to give us better performance and lesser vibrations from their new offering, they don’t compromise on the thump of the exhaust and the macho appeal that an Enfield is supposed to come with. The nostalgic feel of the bike still continues to do its job of impressing the hardcore Bulleteers.

Overall, the Thunderbird with twin-spark plug technology offers what a Bullet is loved for by many with added benefits like an improved performance and reduced vibrations from the engine. This makes it one of the best offerings from the company in present times and the best bike in its own segment.