Three Blogging Mistakes You Don’t Wanna Make!


Okay, so a lot of us have blogs and of course, we do tons of writing. But if you discovered that you’re not getting much visitors or comments, you may be making some serious blogging mistakes.

And who better to point out these mistakes than the amazing copywriting and blogging experts behind Copyblogger? Jonathan Morrow gives us the “20 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks”, and I must say that it has got to be one of the best posts I’ve read recently. In fact, today’s post was inspired by Mr. Marrow’s list.

Jonathan always lays out the facts with wit and humor, and his list of “signs” makes perfect sense. Indeed, if we want to “achieve greatness in blogging”, we do need to work our butts off. And, with thousands of competition out there, I think we should ask ourselves, “do I make these three blogging mistakes?”

1. Being content…with our content.

So maybe we think we have great topics, and even have a list of more topics ready to be created into a short blog post. With thousands of blogs out there, how do you stand out of the crowd? One of our biggest blogging mistakes is thinking that our content is “fine” or “good enough”. Well, being ordinary has no place in the online world today – you’ll either be remembered or buried so do everything you can to produce praise-worthy posts.

2. Writing about everything; lack of focus.

As Jonathan points out in his post, “one of the quickest ways to frustrate your readers is to write about everything that’s on your mind.”

So true.

Website visitors search with a purpose in mind. They’re either looking for a particular product/service or topic, and either way, your blog should answer their need. One of the biggest blogging mistakes people make is making their blog about them – when it could be about the readers.

3. Not reading and expanding knowledge.

Writing a lot for your blog means reading a lot as well. But a lot of us often times forget this. There will always be room for improvement no matter how great we think our writing styles are – and more topics to write about! By reading, we learn from other bloggers and copywriters, and hone our skills as well. If we spend plenty of time writing, we should schedule certain hours in our day or week for reading too.

Blogging can be tough, especially when we’re making these blogging mistakes. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s the fact that blogging is no easy job. Indeed, writing, reading, engaging readers and tracking traffic takes a LOT of time, energy, and dedication.

If we really want to drive traffic, get more fans and read more comments, there’s no room for committing these blogging blunders.