Thoughtful Gifts from Puerto Vallarta


As soon as you told your family and friends that you’re headed to Puerto Vallarta, where you’ll be living it up in style villa rentals Mexico, the wish-lists started to come in. Everyone who knows you’re going has mentioned some special item of Mexican origin that they’d love for you to bring back.

Your loved ones have probably mentioned a number of touristy things that will delight and amaze them (as if your return to real life isn’t enough). The giant sombrero, adorned with metallic thread and foil paillettes (those little mirror things); the marionette wearing a sombrero; the beautiful woven blanket in shades of green, yellow, red and blue. All that stuff seems small when you spread it around villa rentals Mexico, but not so much when you start packing.

Consider returning from your Puerto Vallarta vacation with truly special gifts for all the folks on your list. First, as you stroll through local galleries and shops, look at the wide array of lovely goods that are genuinely Mexican (as opposed to “Made in China”) – those are the gifts that will show off your thoughtful side.

Thoughtful Shopping
Choose a set of colorful Mexican glasses or barware or pick up a lovely piece of Mata Ortiz pottery. Yes, they’re too bulky and fragile to pack in your bags, but you can ask the shop to mail them home for you. They might not arrive exactly when you do, but you can always put off the premier of your vacation slide show for a week and make them the stars of the evening, after the pictures of you and your companions on the beach, of course.

Another great option is to select smallish trinkets that will easily fit in your bags, or even in your pockets. Lovely silver jewelry manufactured in Mexico is always a hit, and earrings, bracelets and belt buckles are small enough to tuck into discreet corners of your bags. And they are unlikely to be damaged if your baggage handlers are having a less than perfect day.

If your youngest friends (and the children you left behind) insist on a sombrero or marionette, you can always try to carry it on to your flight. Other passengers in Puerto Vallarta will know exactly what you’re going through, and the folks you run into on domestic flights will envy your trip and maybe give you a chance to preview that slide show.