Thinking Positive


While discussing Happiness we have to take into account the fact that everything can’t give us Happiness. Happiness is to some extent the creation of our soul.The vital thing that is needed to coin Happiness from Life is the Urge to live amid the so many obstacles of life. If we have the guts to overcome all the hurdles it is sure we may be tinged with the glow of Happiness.But how is it possible? Great philosophers opine that to extract Happiness all that we want most is the Passion for life. At any cost we have to cast a glance at the bright sides of things and in this way we may be Happy.

The essential thing for us to be Happy is to be Positive. Without Positivity nothing is achieved. It is a Positive Mind that can lead us to the perfect path of Happiness.Naturally our minds are shrouded with the cloud of negativity.This cloud bars the sun of Happiness to glare.Thus we are deceived with the tricks of negativity and are plunged into the pool of unhappiness.It is better to say that we are bound to be so, there is no way out.The ultimate role of us is then to disperse the cloud with the tornado of energy and let the Sun blaze at his best.

If Positivity may be our goal we can’t fear the stark reality and be emboldened to face it at any cost.Positive attitude catches hold of our hand and takes us smoothly along the way of Happiness.Again it is Positivity that widens our heart, opens our eyes so that we can cast a glance a the far beyond. Positivity makes us generous. We can love everyone who resides by us.There reigns no ill- feeling.Everything glows in its own aura.Whatever we notice we can’t but find Joy, Joy and Joy. Joy is permeated with everything hence it is no trouble for us to find Joy and be Joyous and Happy.