Thinking of booking into a Lodge in the Bay of Islands?


If you are thinking about taking a break and enjoying some time in the winterless north, then having a stay at a lodge in the Bay of Islands could be part of your experience. It’s tempting to just book into a generic hotel somewhere, but then you’ll often miss out the feel and flavour of the area. To be honest, with many chain places, you could be anywhere in the world. With a boutique place, privately owned and created for people just like you, everything is geared towards your happiness and comfort.

This part of New Zealand is a popular spot with both kiwis and international visitors simply because it is so beautiful. There are pristine beaches and lush native bush. It’s also a place steeped in history, and full of amazing characters and people who’ll be able to tell you much of what makes this area so special.

There is a high number of Maori living in the area, and their culture is prevalent. You can learn a lot about the important of maintaining some of the customs and way of life for the indigenous people of New Zealand, and also enjoy some of the crafts and art that is produced in the area. Of particular note is the weaving and carving.

The early European settlers also started in this part of the country, so there is much to see in terms of the nations history. There are churches, schools and other buildings. The old Stone Store in Kerikeri is a short drive away and a lovely place to go and visit, to soak up some of the feel of those early days of the British settlers.

Of course if you’re not a history buff a lodge in the Bay of Islands could just be your excuse to get out on the water and go fishing. There are plenty of boating tours and trips you can take in the region from simple sight seeing jaunts to trips out to go do a spot of big game fishing. It’s all about catering your trip to your interests.

Of course once you’ve come back from exploring you’ll be hungry. The area has plenty of world class places to have a cup of coffee, a light meal or a full dinner. The issue won’t be how to fill the time, but what you can fit into your time once you’ve booked into the lodge in the Bay of Islands.